I’m Andrea… 

Conceptual Creative | Art Director | Creative Technologist | Musician & Producer | Video Editor | Tech-Junky | Star Wars Addicted | Videogamer | d20 Dice Roller | Pizza Enthusiast

I’m Andrea, a concept-driven, smart-thinking, tech-junkie art director.


But it’s not art for art’s sake or tech for tech’s sake with me. I want to understand each client’s problem. Then I can get to work solving it in an original and effective way – being creative and disruptive while building brand awareness and customer satisfaction. Mine’s a what if approach. I believe a winning idea can’t be narrowed to specific media. And digital isn’t limited to social networks, banners, mobile apps or whatever. The concept and the opportunity are everything. I work well with writers, planners, strategists, developers, designers, and photographers. Pen and paper are my starting point, but I’m a hands-on art director as well.


If you’re looking for creative, strategic, team-spirited AD who’s always looking to stretch the brief, put me on your contacts list.

Awards & Mentions

Best shameless self-promotion Chip Shop Awards 2017; Direct Mail Winner – 2017 Creativepool Annual Creativepool; Music Composition People’s Choice Winner – 2017 Creativepool Annual Creativepool; Featured On Creativepool Feb 2017 Creativepool; Platinum Innovative / Experimental 2016 Vega Digital Awards; Gold Technology / Science 2016 Vega Digital Awards; Top 25 Digital Art Directors Jan 2017 Creativepool; Featured On Creativepool Dec 2016 Creativepool; Top 25 Digital Art Directors Sep 2016 Creativepool; Best Video Of The Week Awardeo TV; Special Mention | Interview Art Director Club (Global); Creative Work Of The Week – X2 The Drum; Campaign Of The Month The Drum; Ad Of The Day The Drum; Shortlist ThinkBox TV; The Drum Creative Showcase The Drum; Best Holistic Campaign NC Awards – 2012


Vega Digital Awards 2017; Creative Muse Awards 2017; Vega Digital Awards 2016

My Résumé